Validating java xml parser

This tutorial explains the procedure of validating an XML document with an XML schema.To validate an XML document with the Xerces2-j parser, the Xerces2-j classes need to be in the classpath.(Even a DTD qualifies as a "schema", although it is the only one that does not use XML syntax to describe schema constraints.) However, "XML Schema" presents us with a terminology challenge.While the phrase "XML Schema schema" would be precise, we'll use the phrase "XML Schema definition" to avoid the appearance of redundancy.

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In addition to the error handling you've already learned about, there is one error that can occur when you are configuring the parser for schema-based validation.

However, I encourage you to download SAXBench and try these tests yourself.

There is also a Java World article in which Piccolo was the fastest parser tested.

Oh well...) So what happens when you run the parser on your current version of the slide presentation, with the DTD specified? Element "item" does not allow "em" -- (#PCDATA|item) sax. That code is reproduced below: In general, a SAX parsing error is a validation error, although we have seen that it can also be generated if the file specifies a version of XML that the parser is not prepared to handle.

SAXParse Exception: Element "item" does not allow "em" -- (#PCDATA|item) at xml.parser. The thing to remember is that your application will not generate a validation exception unless you supply an error handler like the one above.

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