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PUBUC LIBRARY ,o U WAYNE * ALLEN 00„ -NO, cejnealogy collection ^-^^J-^^J^ G0J ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01763 6546 ^ GENEALOGY 977.e IN9E7, Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive in 2009 witii funding from Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center INDEX. Nor were the Ordi- nance of 1787, or the Constitution of Indiana, passed without a struggle. pcrhap.i, more credit is due for the abo- lition of slavery in Indiana than to any other one man. Rather than live otherwise, I would wish to die before my time." He returned home, entered Haiward Col- lege, graduated in two years, talking for his theme, "The Importance and Necessity of Public Faith to the Well-being of a Com- munity." On leaving college he began the study of law and was admitted to the bar in 1790.

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These represent the totems— turtle, duck, frog and bear, and were gathered principally from Boone and Montgomery counties. D1';l.\v.\km-: C( the efficiency and to economize. Massachusetts, asking for the dissolution of the Union. Adams moved that the petition be referred to a com- mittee, with insti'uctions to present the rea- sons why the prayer of the petitioners ought not to be granted. Then, with a flash of scorn, he hastily pictured the great Marshall, of Vir- ginia, and pointed his long, shaky finger at his assailant, compared him with the Mar- shall that had so long reflected credit upon the whole country.

This may have come from carelessness on the part of the members of the association or from the neglect of the Legislature, but it should be remedied at once. In 1830 he was elected to Congress and entered upon what may be called the most remarkable part of his public life.

Let the associa- tion present this matter to the Legislature at its coming session. For a little more than seventeen years he remained a member of the House, and Avas the leading figure in many stirring and stormy scenes. He never had to be sought for by the sergeant-at-arms when his vote was needed.

All thesr are strictly prehistoric, and not modern in any sense. that the process was not one of chipping by a sudden stroke, but by steady pressure with a si)ecially prepared bone tool. S'ome oi them may find it possible to do this during next year. Now had come the time for the Southern members to not only crush this man who for years had been a thorn in their fiesh, but to crush the right of petition. Marshall, of Virginia, was selected to make the great speech against Mr. His speech was one of the most bitter he could fulminate. With withering sarcasm he held his assailants up before the House, and then with a breath he demolished their whole line of argument. " said he, "and see what that says of the right of the people to reform, to change, to dissolve their government!

They occupy the principal part of Mr Tribbet's collection, of which he is justly proud, as his gathering of stoneware has n" equal in the State in point of size and variety Stone and flint instruments are there in abundance and in every stage of manufacture, shewing conclusively, thinks. Three cases and the floors beneath are re- quired for his flint implements, of which he possesses endless variety. Two large spades were found at the same time, besides drills enough to supply a small tribe. Trib- bet prides himself, are to be found some very line war points, triangular and exceeding sharp. They understand that they are looked upon as leaders of public opinion rather than followers in the wake of public thought. To honor and revere it in time of peace and to de-fend it with our lives in time of war. Raising his voice to its highest pitch, he called for the reading of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. " When the passage was read, he shouted out, "Read that again!

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