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Montgomery said in her lawsuit that she informed the board of the incident but they took no action.

The employee was not charged by police, according to the suit.

could not find any judgements upholding a finding of retaliation."I personally know of retaliation that has been taken against DDSN providers, private and parents," Mc Pherson said. How many attorneys are willing to take these cases?"It's like David going against Goliath with five stones."DDSN Chairwoman Eva Ravenel said she is not aware of any retaliation incidents, which she said is prohibited by the agency."Some people have called me but I haven't seen it," she said.DDSN Executive Director Beverly Buscemi, hired to her post in 2009, said earlier this year that she was not aware of any during her tenure, either.“We understand that these services are very, very important to families,” she said.Bernice Montgomery worked for the Sumter County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs when she said a registered sex offender was hired by the agency.She alleged in a lawsuit in 2006 in the Sumter County Court of Common Pleas that she had questioned the executive director then about the hiring of the man.

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