Ssl certificate not updating mandating community service is bad

ANSWER: It is not possible to extend the life of a certificate because certificate expiration dates are hard-coded into the certificates themselves.So, technically, when you ‘renew’ a certificate you are purchasing an entirely new certificate, just for the same company/domain.You can also download the renewed certificate in your Digi Cert account (Management Console or Cert Central).STEP 5: On your server, install and configure the new certificate.

After this legal process you can install it on your apache server like this: Lot of stuff huh ? The Test Way But there is something you can use as a test process.For integrity of the application packages, I am considering using a digital signature.I did some research and found that the client would have to have a CA certificate and the server would have to have a server certificate signed by a CA and a private key.Because of this, Digi Cert must issue a new SSL Certificate to replace the existing one on your server and you must install the certificate just like you did before.Because it can be difficult to remember all the company and domain information for your expiring certificate, Digi Cert automatically includes some of this information in our renewal request wizard.

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