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They are more comfortable with their bodies therefore are better at sex.

CONS: 1)Women in their 40’s lose their tight looks, usually put on weight, and tend to be settled on a certain passed fashion.

“You think you know what you’re looking for until what you’re looking for finds you.” I wrote a post last week, Do You Prefer Divorced or Never Married?

If children were involved, you wondered about being able to fill the void of “mom” or “dad.” It’s a bit different than stepmom or stepdad when the biological mom or dad isn’t around. You thought if you shared it up front, that people would be scared off, fearful of any emotional baggage.

Many of you who are widowed were confused as what to put for your relationship status. But, if you didn’t share it up front, then when was the right time to bring it up?

5)Older women tend to have more traditional values and know how to nurture.

6)They are not looking to raise a family and are non-starters.

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