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Joe Daddy Stevenson is kind of an MMA icon and upon the request of maybe the greatest MMA coach in the world, Greg Jackson, he took us in and put [Jonathan] Tucker and [Nick] Jonas and myself through a two-week training intensive [program].

It was every day, all-day and we just crammed as much as we possibly could into it in that time.

He’s this guy who’s so humbled in the first couple of episodes, but you know that deep down inside there’s a guy who was like, “Bring it. the first thing that came to mind was “Cuddles,” but I don’t think that that’s really good.

W anomalies in the mantle demonstrate that the Earth has not erased signatures from the main stage of planet formation.

character Ryan York, only this time the stakes are much higher.

Ryan has a lot of very noticeable tattoos, probably the biggest one being “Destroyer” on his chest.

If you were to emulate those tattoos and get one word on your chest, what would it be? The “Destroyer” thing to me was always less of my fighting name.

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