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I can't hook up realtime, but I like to meet new people, male, female or couples, it doesn't matter to me. I rather live a life up-beat and happy and a very would be cool. I'm really looking for BLACK men that are very open-minded sexually and willing to explore without all the hang-ups about sexuality. like oral with both M&F, yummy pussies and big cocks are all ways a turn on.

It's just between us and I'll still think you're a man after I see you fuck him or vice-versa, that's what get's my pussy wet! Being nude with friends in and out of the bedroom, camping, hiking or a nude beach..

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We did and we shared each others cum for about 4 years.

I was 12 when I swallowed my first load, Steve was 14. I pass all the trucks I can don't know why but have had only one that got interested pulled into rest area being my first time sat waited for sign all ok or something truck drive off.

I'm 40 and have enjoyed gallons of that beautiful man juice.bigdayguy I thought I replyed have had dreams about driving down I-10 on my way to FLA. I dream about hooking up sometimes drive on I-10 to Slidell turn around.

I once had a lover who really took great pleasure in playing with (jerking off) my cock..I certainly enjoyed it too (I don't cum easily, so we'd both get a lot of enjoyment from this). I started jerking off and to my surprise the lady next door ( 61 at the time) walked up out of no where and scared the crap out of me. Long enough to see your hard cock she said and rubbed it thru my shorts. :) I'm a simple person with a vibrant imagination and very healthy, passionate appetite.

I did now you smoked she said and took one and lite it. I grabbed her tits and we fucked and she sucked me off. I would love to swap stories with someone or, hopefully, make some stories of our own.

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