Evan dando juliana hatfield dating

juliana somehow managed to take all the elements of a potentially good story & make them tedious & insufferable.& to top it off, i know it's a memoir & everything, but...i didn't like juliana.

i haven't read enough interviews with her to know if she comes across as this unlikeable in general, but i think if you come across as so unlikeable in your own memoir, you're doing something wrong.

& if we want to get into unhealthy food choices, i hardly think juliana is in any position to point fingers, as she admits in her memoir to being anorexic.

she goes to great lengths to make sure she doesn't say that they are BAD people, but she does say that she thinks that they should feel bad for not being able to control their eating. there are a lot of reasons why someone might be a little heavy, & not all of them involve over-eating or making unhealthy food choices.Not even proclaiming my eternal love for Juliana's 1992 classic Hey Babe could melt the woman's heart. The narrative is structured around Hatfield's increasing disillusionment with live performances during a humblingly small tour with her sometime band Some Girls.So I sent over the Sig-O to strike up a little sisterly empathy and, lo and behold, the book came to her place yesterday courtesy of the mail. Interesting rock bio, especially since JH gets into the nitty-gritty of drink-ticket distribution, crappy bar sound systems, and the prospect of randomly making out with mowhawked male fans. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes glimpses of how weird it must indeed be in one's late 30s to perform for 00-1500 a night in stinky clubs with bad PAs.the depressed mindset & the self-loathing really got to me.i am generally a pretty confident girl, but i found myself looking critically in the mirror, feeling fat, feeling ugly. i just didn't get this book & really don't recommend it to anyone.

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