Debbie cat lover dating video

“I love to run”: this conjures forward momentum, linear progress.

And then the object of her love asserts itself, and she is derailed.

This song is about derailment, interruption, stutter.

Just as her love trips her physical running, it attenuates her cognitive running.

She loves “every,” not “any.” This isn’t the indiscriminate promiscuity of “any”; her love is large, but focused.

Crazy Debbie has gotten into the music biz with a snappy music video that will give you a SERIOUS case of dancin’ feet.

What no one could have predicted is that over 10,000 people showed up for the weekend event.

And they took it very […] Read More These dressy vintage cat flats feature three smiling cat faces on each shoe.

This cotton-blend tank by Nümph is a versatile wardrobe staple.

As the Autumn chill fills the air, pair it with leggings, platforms and a comfy oversized boyfriend sweater or cropped moto jacket and flirty swirly skirt.

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