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The Honest communication can build trusting friendships.

Dating may not be acceptable in some cultures, but wherever possible, Latter-day Saints are striving to date more regularly.

Do this a few times so it won’t be dismissed as coincidental, “then make yourself available.

Wander past the refreshment table by yourself, for example.” Michael says it helps if a woman socializes after church and occasionally separates herself from her friends.

We strive to provide an honest and accurate representation of our singles service.

Women can also express thanks without implying that they to go out again, Will says. It’s good to be flexible enough that you can give him some space.” Even if he’s interested, “it may take him some time to be decisive.And most men notice a woman who maintains eye contact, asks about their lives, and makes an effort to prolong the conversation.“It’s important for a guy to know who is interested in going out with him so he knows where to concentrate his efforts,” Joseph says.Women as well as men have a responsibility to try to date, Brandon points out.Even if men primarily extend date invitations, women have more control in expressing interest than they may realize.

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